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Excellent service , my son and my daughter had their wisdom teeth removed here, they did great after surgery , very short procedure and recovery was only for 8 hours light bleeding , not much swollen after, anesthesia was perfect. I highly recommend this place .

Adriana Bahsoun

I hesitate to report this but feel concern for others if I do not . We took our adult Son to the location 125 N Jackson for Consult on Wisdom Teeth Extraction Early November 21. We were not well received as frankly put it seemed we were bothering them . Even with an appointment. I explained we have AETNA insurance with my company and we would like to use it . They immediately decided they would no way communicate with me and Only My son standing there with me . I guess they profiled me as I am Caucasian and he is Chinese . I will add he is an adult of legal age But being his English is not so Good Yet I wanted to Make sure he understand the process and responsibilities for Billing and such , I guess that was the Big Mistake I made . Short Story . They completed a consult Charged us for it and now advise they don’t bill Oral Surgery through as Medical as Aetna Needs it done and they only work with Dental plans . Here we are 60 days later awaiting a call to schedule and They don’t take our Insurance for the Oral Surgery but they easily took our payment in full for the Consultation . I would bet the Doctors working there don’t realize the manner in which they treated us . I guess we were to much of an easy picking for us and the only thing that got cleaned was my wallet.
How Disappointing . Does anyone want to make lemonade out of these lemons if so the office knows how to contact me .
Very Disappointed .

Jeff Upchurch

Jeff Upchurch

I had a great experience with everyone at San Jose Oral Surgery. My son got 4 wisdom teeth removed and it all went well. Dr. Brian sun talked to us before the appointment, he explained the procedure to us, and he made sure we understood all the benefits and outcomes of having the surgery done. I would definitely recommend San Jose Oral Surgery to anyone who needs a oral surgery. Thank You Dr. Sun!

Balvir Bola

Amazing experience here. The receptionist, assistants, and the Dr. were so welcoming and kind. I came here to remove two of my wisdom teeth and was extremely nervous before my surgery, but it was incredibly quick. Didn’t get the chance to say thank you to all the workers, but if any of you read this, Thank you very very much for the easy experience!!

Ephraim S

I had a great experience at this office. Each staff member was very kind and understanding of me and treated me with a lot of care. I came in for wisdom teeth extraction and got out of there very quickly and smoothly without any pain! Things were fast and organized and clean.

Vivian Doan

I got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted at San Jose Oral Surgery and Implantology. The whole team was friendly, which made me feel comfortable throughout the process. The procedure was pretty quick and ran smoothly. Dr. Pham did my surgery. He was professional, straightforward, and polite. I liked how they implement the protocols for COVID 19. Also, I was provided with all the resources and medications needed to help me with the recovery process. Overall, I had a good experience.

Maria Lopez

I was referred to San Jose Oral Surgery and Implanvology through my dentist for my wisdom teeth extraction and I’m super glad that I did! Coming into my appointment, I was so nervous! My legs basically would not stop shaking, but everyone in the room was so kind and helped ease my nerves. The procedure went so smoothly and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs to get their wisdom teeth extracted!!

Amy Tran

I came here to get my tooth pulled. The Dr. Was awesome, he explained everything very well. The assistants were really polite. I love this place, I would recommend this place to everyone.

Monica N.

I came here last Thursday to get all my four wisdom teeth extracted. The staff members were very friendly and super helpful in providing me with all kinds of resources regarding the procedure and of the before and after surgery care and I must say this place deserves 10 stars for their excellent customer service and professionalism. Would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family!!!! 🙂

Simran G.

I came here about a month ago for an implant. the staff was very nice and helpful with any questions and concerns I had. Their location was a little hard to find at first but once I arrived I walked into a very clean and beautiful office. the doctor himself and his staff were very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them to any family and friends. best dental experience I have ever had!

Miriam C.

The best I’m so glad I got referred here. The staff is awesome they are nice helpful & answer your questions or concerns. The doctor is great professional & to the point. I over reacted for nothing regarding my wisdom teeth removal everything went well they took good care of me. In my case for me this experience was fast easy & clear. I will refer friends and family here for sure!

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